Our values are summed up in a few but essential words and concepts, such as quality, health, sustainability, convenience and taste.


New food culture

At Peace by Peas we create quality 
foods, proposing a new food culture to consumers. This new culture requires the elimination of food waste, respect for the environment, production in terms of sustainability, respect for the lives of all living beings on our planet.. 

Nutritional needs

We do not ignore nutritional needs, neither in matters of health nor in matters of taste and enjoyment. Our aim is to produce nutritional products of high value, in terms of sustainability and – of course – at affordable prices. 

vegan friendly

Healthy characteristics

Our products are ideal for a vegan diet, 
but they are also aimed at all those 
who want to include in their diet 
raw materials with truly healthy characteristics and with immediate 
health benefits. They are aimed at 
people who are looking for a healthy diet without sacrificing the enjoyment of food and taste.


Easy to prepare

Tempe is aimed at working mothers, busy fathers, to young workers 
who are committed to their 
careers, to students 
who live alone and need a quick, 
easy-to-prepare meal. 
Addresses also to older 
people who want to put it in order 
their diet

Tempeh for everyone!

Even if you are a chef by necessarily,  following the modern stressful pace 
of life, you cannot afford to sacrifice 
a lot of time for the preparation of a healthy, tasty lunch or dinner, but 
you also do not want to lose t
he tasty memories of traditional Greek cuisine. .

οι αξίες μας