Tempeh “Bacon” bits


250 gr Soy Tempeh
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 ts smoked paprika powder
1 ts cumin powder
1/3 ts white pepper, ground
3-4 TBS. NAMA Soy sauce ONE Project
2-3 ts Brown Rice vinegar ONE Project
2 ts barley malt or maple syrup
½ cup of beer


Steam Tempeh for 10 minutes, whole piece.
Cut in small cubes (bits), around 1 cm on each side.

On a pan, we heat up the oil, adding pepper and cumin for a minute. We then sauté the bits turning them around to get a gorden colour all around.

Add the paprika and continue to stir for 2 minutes. Add the Nama Soy Sauce, vinegar, syrup and beer.Stir well to mix the flavours and remove as long as the liquids are assimilated by Tempeh (1-2 minutes).

Serve on top of salads, rice dishes, pasta, even on a vegan pizza!

It can be a ideal companion for a nice craft beer or other alcoholic drinks.